Some Helpful Health Links

ANTHRAX. Is there anything you can do?

You'll want to do some search-engine exploration to find more information on these topics. I'll be happy to try and answer specific questions about the items I have tried.

Remedies I Have Had Success With:

Colloidal Silver, Home-Made Antibiotic. I've had wonderful results with this!
A Cure for the Common Cold? Even Chris, resident skeptic, is convinced this works!
How I Removed My Own Gallstones, Overnight, At Home. OK kids, DO try this at home!
I Feel Better Through Colon and Blood Cleansing. The results are nothing short of dramatic!

Remedies I Have Been Reading About or Experimenting With:

Dr. Bob Beck and his Amazing Plant Growth Stimulator (eliminate AIDS?) I have built one of these pulsers... For you skeptics, here is the link to the patent describing the basic principle.
Royal Rife and his amazing microscopes and radiation machines...
Dr. Hulda Clark and curing cancer. I've built one of her "Zapper" units -- which, by the way, my father used for a while but it did not work... sorry, Dad. I've learned more now; check out my recommendations for getting healthy.

More to come later... meanwhile, for smiles, click this headline: ;)