What About Anthrax?

Sadly, perhaps as a sign of the times, I have felt the need to create this web page. The attacks of September 11th, followed by scattered reports of anthrax being sent through the mails have many worried. For me, as in all of life, the bottom line is the sovereignty of God. As a believer in Jesus Christ, my confidence in life and in death is entirely in Him.

However, I have and will continue to take every reasonable precaution and make every reasonable preparation for myself and for my family. Does the news about anthrax make you concerned for yourself and your family? Knowledge is the beginning of an effective defense.

NOTE of DISCLAIMER: The information on this page is for educational purposes only. Nothing on this page is intended as any form of medical advice. If you have any questions, consult your physician. Use your own God-given good judgement and make your own responsible decisions for yourself and your family. I have absolutely nothing to gain from your use of this information.

Anthrax - Information from the Centers for Disease Control.

Resistance to Antibiotics - CDC Article about how bacteria can build up resistance from the overuse of antibiotics. However, colloidal silver is reputed to NOT engender resistant bacteria.

Anthrax - some pictures of the enemy.

My personal experiences with and observations about colloidal silver . In my personal opinion, after years of experience with using colloidal silver, I believe that it has helped me eliminate many infectious agents from my own body. I will most certainly use it if I ever have any personal concerns about anthrax.

An article intended to dissuade you from using colloidal silver.

An excellent compendium of information about the history, uses, and effectiveness of colloidal silver. This website will help you evaluate the conflicting claims of the FDA and "medical professionals".

As I am able, I will from time to time add additional information to this page.

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