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Hi, I'm creatr [SMALL 'c'... ;)]... How do you see the world? Is it shifting, changing, your own private "reality"? Is there anything truly "real" behind what appears to be?

There are two kinds of people in the world;

I hope that in these pages you will be able to see the difference one's viewpoint can make. I see the world through a filter formed by reading the Bible and responding to life based on what I have learned there; I invite you to enjoy what I've written from that perspective.

In contrast, most modern thought is based on the idea that truth is relative; that the fundamental assumptions which form your world-view are purely personal and that there are no absolutes. However;

Jesus' claim is clear: "I AM THE TRUTH" John 14:6

If you know Jesus, THE Creator , (LARGE 'C') you will already have begun to see the world as I see it...
and perhaps my views will help enhance your own.

If you don't know Him yet, COME - and drink of the Water of Life freely! Revelation 22:17