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Check out my first-person view when wave-riding!
Video taken with my"helmet-cam".
CAUTION: LARGE FILE (~12 megabytes)!!!

What is the great appeal of wave riding?
Check out my recently revised book, Musings of a Soul Surfer and find out.

You can also download an earlier edition of the book in Microsoft Word format.
This is a rough work-in-progress, and I would love to have your feedback!

Walking on Water...
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Somewhere around 1992 my good friend Cal introduced me to the sport of bodyboarding. Since that time I have come to the firm conclusion that the ocean is one of

God's finest inventions!

Every wave is different, each one unique. Properly seen, every wave is a gift from God. After a while, you begin to discern some patterns, some commonality, but (like snowflakes) there really are no two waves alike.

Here I am riding!

As a Christian wave-rider, I experience the joy not only of riding the waves, but of knowing and recognizing the person who designed them.

Walking on water!

God says:

Be glad and rejoice forever in what I create! For behold, I create Jerusalem for rejoicing, and her people for gladness.
Isaiah 65:18


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