The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator

This makes Presidential Politics look utterly insignificant!

Invented by Tom Bearden and his colleagues, the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG) draws energy from what is variously called the "Quantum Flux", the "Luminiferous Ether", "Zero-Point Energy", or the "Active Vacuum". Tom has at least two prototypes running, producing 96 watts output with a 6 watt input. Jean-Luis Naudin has independently reproduced Tom's results to a great degree, producing a COP (Coefficient of Performance) of more than 7 (i.e. output power seven times greater than input).

Before you dismiss this as impossible, Mr. Bearden points out that this is NOT perpetual motion. These MEGs are open, not closed, systems - that is, the excess energy comes from outside of the MEG (just like a windmill or waterwheel).

I have begun tinkering a bit, trying to build one, but have not progressed very far yet.

Visit Tom Bearden's own website.

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I would like to build a MEG suitable for powering a commuter vehicle. I found a four-door electric sedan on the web called the Solectria. Its specifications indicate that the power required to drive it one mile is 137 Watt-hours. I've calculated that if I had the equivalent of four of Tom Bearden's present prototypes, producing a total of 360 surplus watts of power continuously, I could keep a Solectria sufficiently charged for a total daily commute distance of 60 miles. There is not much I would enjoy more than being able to drive by all of the gas stations and thumb my nose at them!

The MEG is also a leading technology candidate for powering my Flying House. If you would like to read more about the concept of the Flying House, please visit . You might also enjoy the stories I wrote for my grandkids, starting with Nana and Papa's Flying House.

As I am able, I will keep tinkering with this and make some pictures and documents available below.

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