How to Make Colloidal Silver At Home

You need 27 to 36 Volts DC [three or four ordinary fresh 9v batteries (4 are better than 3)], two (2) alligator clip lead wires, and two (2) - .999 fine pure silver wires, bent to hook over the edge of a glass. These items may be used to make colloidal silver.

You will need a tall glass and distilled water. The wires and batteries should last a long time if you remember to disconnect the wires after each use. Be sure to use only distilled water, never add any salt!

Put the silver wires in a tall glass filled with distilled water. If you can, pre-heat the water for a couple of minutes in a microwave oven or on the stove (hot to the touch, but not boiling). NOTE: Only heat water in a clean glass vessel, never in a metal pan!

Please hook up the batteries, clip leads, and silver wires just as shown. Leave the batteries hooked up for about 45 minutes and then disconnect them (to save battery power). Pour the resulting liquid through an ordinary paper coffee filter (if you have one), or even a strong paper towel, and it is ready to use. May the Lord bless you and your whole family with good health!

Drink a glass per week for general maintenance. If you are suffering an infection or other ailment, drink a glass per day for 7 to 10 days to knock it out. Questions? Send me an email: "creator at"
For more background info, you can read about my experiences with colloidal silver at HERE ( ) and also check out