Take a look into the future...

What does the future hold for you? Growth and fulfillment for a while; but ultimately aging, pain, fear, and finally death?

Because of God's kind intentions towards me, I have tremendous expectations for my personal future. When I was a teenager, I had a list of things that I wanted to do and experience and accomplish. I used to worry that I wouldn't have the time and resources to do them all in my lifetime!

As I have aged, reading the Bible and learning more about God's amazing kindness to me and wonderful preparation for my future, I have become much more relaxed in the knowledge that Eternity will have room for all I have ever imagined, and more!

Have you ever been to heaven? What is it like? Even among those who believe that heaven exists, very few have more than a vague notion of what the Bible actually says on the topic. If you would like a glimpse, check out this outline... for more details, read the full text of my sermon about heaven, or listen to the sermon in MP3 Audio format. (Please "right-click" with your mouse and "save as" to download the MP3 file to your computer.)

If you can handle some speculation and a literary treatment, then this unfinished novel about heaven (feedback wanted) is for you.

Sadly, not everyone has heaven to look forward to. "What", you may ask, "do you believe in HELL?" As a matter of fact, yes, I do; however, it is not the place with hideous demons and pitchforks that Hollywood (and some preachers) are fond of presenting. It is FAR, FAR WORSE than all of that. You may just want to visit hell as I see it; and decide whether or not you are ready to face it on your own.