Welcome to my gallery!

I hope you enjoy what you see, feel, and hear.

Here are several books-in-progress in Microsoft Reader (.lit) format. You can download and read them on your computer, or on your Pocket PC.

This is the beginnings of a novel about the New Heavens and the New Earth.
It's working title is: At Last!

This is the Children's Book that I wrote for Skylar and Chris some years ago.
It's called: Nana and Papa's Flying House .

Finally, this is my book about surfing.
It's working title is: Musings of a Surf Junkie .

I'm hoping that with them in MS Reader format, it will be easier for you to put them in your pocket and read them when you have a few spare minutes. I would really appreciate your feedback, Thanks!

You can email me at: creator@flyinghouse.com

On this page, you will find Some Poems and Love Songs, and a little music. 

When Granddaughter Jenny said "Dolphin Flowers" to me, I knew it was time to write a new song for her. The song is written from Jenny's point of view.

What are Dolphin Flowers? Maybe Jenny will tell us someday. Meanwhile, you can download and listen to a preliminary version of Dolphin Flowers right now.

This song has been kicking around in my head literally for years... Thanks to the technology of Acid Music by Sound Forge, it has finally found its way out of my head and into your ears. Why not download and listen to St. Peter's Blues. Let me know how you like it.

Download and play this NEW MP3 children's song, The Flying House Ballad... I wrote this for our grandsons to go with the series of children's stories I have been writing for them. You will need an MP3 player.

Download and play the MP3 version of The Hamster Song... I wrote this for our sons when they used to have a hamster. You will need an MP3 player.
If you want to take a quick listen, click here for the Real Audio version of The Hamster Song.

This version of the hamster song (MP3) is a higher-tech Acid Music mix.

Look at this beautiful 25th anniversary quilt our friends made for us!  

 Fasten your seatbelts before you read this story for my grandkids about Nana and Papa's Flying house.  The next story in the series! Nana and Papa Go to St. Croix ... in progress.

 I wanted to give my wife a special gift soon after we got married; so I made her this jewelry box.

 I wrote her this song for our wedding.

 Here's a Psalm (#33) which I recently set to music.

 Here's a new tune looking for lyrics....

 If you've never been there, you may want to read my unfinished novel about heaven. I'd love to have you join me on the journey; let me know what you think.